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Modified on 2012-03-12 07:55 by TaoK Categorized as Admin
Welcome to Architect Shack!

This is the personal site of Tao Klerks. Mainly an experiment, a place to keep projects, etc.

This is not a site about any sort of physical building design!

The site's a little bare right now, I basically plan to use it to host and "Showcase" some of my ongoing personal projects, as well as a place to keep my lists of useful links, silly edits to things, etc.

The most notable thing on this site is probably Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter, an open-source (APGL) T-SQL formatting library with various plugins for different IDEs/editors.

If you have any comments, would like to see more of something or less of something else, if you're curious about something or have something to share, please drop me a line!


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