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Here are links to some of the spare-time projects I've worked on over past years - most are far from complete, but I'm making progress on some!

  • IIS Log Parser Browser - stupid name, but useful script (at least I think so) - allows you to easily, quickly and very efficiently explore IIS logs and extract valuable stats.
  • Nano TimeTracker - simple Winforms-based time tracking aid, sits in the system tray and allows you to start/stop logging task time in a single click or key combination.
  • Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter - A simple free T-SQL formatting library to format T-SQL according to my preferences, with online/hosted access and WinForms demo app, and SSMS Add-In.
  • MP3 Manager - still w.i.p., and not much info until I have something to show!
  • - a place to find the climbing areas near you - by the people for the people!
  • Odds & Ends - a page to store silly things, like small edits to ScrewTurn Wiki that I hope can make it into the product at some point!
  • MobbyTrails - a site related to location stuff - more detail soon
  • Android Phone Stuff - not a project as such, but something I am spending a lot of time with at the moment - projects to come soon, for the moment just notes / thoughts as a user. (update - I do still have a few projects in-progress, but I just haven't taken the time to write about any of this stuff... love the phone though!)
  • EasyProgressDialog - a quick & easy solution for when you need to add progress display and cancellation / interruption to a long-running task in Windows Forms, without every time reinventing the wheel.
  • USBKeyBackup - a standalone little Windows Forms app, single assembly (but localized), to securely back up the contents of your favorite USB Key to the local machine, wherever you are, without anyone being able to access the files. Best combined with an encrypted USB Key. The backup process uses AES 256-bit encryption.
  • TextFileEncodingDetector - a simple class for not only detecting Byte Order Marks (BOMs), but also detecting flavours of unicode encoding without BOM (using heuristics), when the data in the text file is largely text in a western codepage. An alternative to the browser-specific MLang and Chardet libraries for simplified use cases.
  • Binary Serialization Stream Analysis - A relatively simple class (with demo project) for looking into the contents of a .Net "BinaryFormatter" output stream, to count objects of different types and determine how much space they take up in the stream.
  • OpenStalker - a virtual "stalking" aid - for when you want keep track of someone's public activities, but don't want to be seen to "follow" them.
  • ClrXmlShredder - a SQL Server CLR Stored Procedure for shredding the Xml result "FOR XML" back into a tabular resultset.

One of the main reasons for my creating this site is to get an idea of the interest / demand for any of these things - so please contact me if there is something here that would interest you! I can do with as much encouragement as possible, and I'd also like to concentrate on the things that will be of most general use.

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