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Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter — 15.5%

Try it now on, the free online TSQL formatting service ! Overview This is a free and open-source SQL (T-SQL) formatter: Handles complete multi-batch scripts, including object definition scripts such as stored procedures, triggers, etc. Provides formatting options to cater to different common formatting styles/standards Optionally outputs "colorized" html code rather than just the formatted SQL Also provides "minifier" option to strip out comments and whitespace, to obfuscate rather than pretty-print your code Available ready-to-use in a [...]

Home IT Setup — 15.1%

[...] out what's missing, and what to change, when another machine or technology enters the fray. There's a very faint chance that something here might be useful to someone or that they get sent here by some confused search engine algorithm - if so, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Home Server An increasing requirement is an always-on server - I happen to currently favor a Mac Mini running Windows 7 (I stick to windows out of laziness - I'm just quicker on my feet in a windows environment). I would [...]

What's Cool Today — 15.1%

A cheap imitation of a blog, trying to keep track of things that I find interesting on any given day. 2010-03-09 Lots to catch up on, but in the meantime: The Parrot AR Drone - indoor/outdoor R/C helicopter with two on-board cameras, gyroscope and sonar... It basically flies itself, but you can tell it where to go! The whole thing is controlled over wifi from an iPhone; I wouldn't normally link to an Apple-related product, but this is just too cool... - touch-screen technologies [...]

TextFileEncodingDetector project — 9.0%

[...] encodings such as EBCDIC, and more modern encodings like UTF-8 and UTF-16. The newer Unicode formats have a standard for "self-describing" the encoding, in the form of a Byte Order Mark, but this is often not present, and in fact actively discouraged by the unicode consortium, in the case of UTF-8. For UTF-8 in particular, this poses a problem because UTF-8 encoding looks a whole lot like ASCII/ANSI/Windows-1252/Latin-1, a family of related encodings commonly [...]

Projects — 7.2%

[...] Winforms-based time tracking aid, sits in the system tray and allows you to start/stop logging task time in a single click or key combination. Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter - A simple free T-SQL formatting library to format T-SQL according to my preferences, with online/hosted access and WinForms demo app, and SSMS Add-In. MP3 Manager - still w.i.p., and not much info until I have something to show! - a place to find the climbing areas near you - by the people for the people! Odds & Ends -

IIS Log Parser Browser 1.0 — 6.1%

[...] Microsoft's Log Parser 2.2 to allow you to run pretty advanced reports on your IIS log files. It is a simple ASP script, no install required, no scheduled jobs, and no configuration of the script itself - just set the appropriate permissions in IIS. DOWNLOAD IISLogParserBrowser_1_00.Zip INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Install Log Parser 2.2, with COM support (default install), see for more info and download link Copy the ASP script to somewhere you can access it through IIS, without attracting too many curious souls. Register the "ASPDNS.dll" [...]

Android Stuff — 5.0%

I recently purchased a Samsung I7500 "Galaxy" (Android) phone to replace my Samsung i600 "European BlackJack" (Windows mobile) one - now the excitement of just pawing the thing is starting to wear off, so I thought I'd record a log of all the silly things I need to do to get it working as I want: Essential Apps that should come pre-loaded: Barcode Scanner (plays up a bit with the Galaxy flash and autofocus, but OK when the product to be scanned is placed on a flat matt surface) FTP [...]

USBKeyBackup Project — 4.7%

Originally developed for my father-in-law who likes to keep all his documents on USB Keys, this program does the opposite of what most USB Key Backup programs do - instead of backing up the computer to the USB Key, it backs up the USB Key contents to the computer (or multiple computers). The project is largely complete (and handed off to its primary user), and I suspect it could be useful to a wider audience. It includes: File version detection, only backing up files that have changed since the last backup Point-in-time restore, restoring [...]

it’s a little weird to start a bag collection for a woman you might (Contact Me) — 3.6%

So, it’s a little bit Bizarre to get started on a bag collection for a woman you might not have even met nonetheless, due to the fact Let's say you meet up with her and she or he doesn’t treatment [...]

Professional Resources — 2.5%

The web is a big place, and there is an awful lot of very useful stuff in it. Finding it is not always very easy, however. To help (myself, more than anything) with that I'm creating a section here that could be entitled "Links". Everything here is free unless indicated otherwise, I hate sites that link to paying services and products without warning you. For now I'm just going to create a little-structured bullet list here. I'll clean it up into tables, add clearer formatting etc at a [...]

Welcome! — 2.5%

Welcome to ' '! This is the personal site of Tao Klerks. Mainly an experiment, a place to keep projects, etc. This is not a site about any sort of physical building design! The site's a little bare right now, I basically plan to use it to host and "Showcase" some of my ongoing personal projects, as well as a place to keep my lists of useful links, silly edits to things, etc. The most notable thing on this site is probably [...] — 2.2%

[...] to change countries every few years, so that I never get to know any one place particularly well. As a result, I look to the internet for information on climbing sites, much like any other information I ever need - however I haven't found any place out there where I can find reliable information about several different climbing areas, places, specific crags, and especially searching efficiently looking by climb difficulties, geographical proximity, diffficulty of access, consensus on "Quality" of the climb, etc. In this web 2.0 age (or is it 3.0 now?), cooperative / [...]

Screwturn Wiki Captcha Additions — 1.8%

As I'm using Screwturn Wiki for this personal site for my own convenience (not as a real Wiki), I've had to tweak the permissions in a couple of unusual ways, eg allowing anyone to post messages to me and allowing anyone to contribute to "Discussions" pages without being logged in. To make this work, these pages need to be protected by "Captcha" logic the same way as user registration (which I have disabled) is. So I started digging around in Screwturn Wiki's innards and very much liked what I saw! It is incredibly simple to edit an existing [...]

Nano TimeTracker — 1.8%

This is a simple .Net 2.0 application, written in C#, that allows you to log the tasks you work on on a daily basis. It sits in the system tray, and starting or stopping a task takes [...]

Architecture — 1.4%

OK, so why "Architect Shack"? It's a pun, see, because a shack generally lacks architecture... I'm interested in the concept / ideals of software architecture, and I even had the term architect in my job title for a [...]

Personal Stuff — 1.4%

[...] converting, and creating ID3 and other media tags in media files using the .Net 2.0 framework. Technically a programming link, but not really "Professional" in my case :) Climbing Places around Madrid La Pedriza El Yelmo more coming when I have a second - right now I'm just filling space :) Stores Inspiration for - excellent combination of google earth, google maps, and some centrally-maintained climbing site information - however the fact that the information is centrally maintained limits the [...]

ClrXmlShredder — 1.1%

Overview This is a Sql Clr stored procedure for converting Xml created by a [...]

Binary Serialization (BinaryFormatter) Stream Analysis — 1.1%

This is a simple project / class for peeking into the contents / structure of a stream that was created by the "BinaryFormatter" class' "Serialize" method. In one project I was working on I found that the stream was much larger than I expected, and wanted to know what kind of problem might be causing it. I couldn't find anything online to do this (and my stack overflow question [...]

EasyProgressDialog Project — 1.1%

A simple class for painlessly displaying a progress dialog, [...] — 0.7%

Overview This is (intended to be) a simple program and online service, for aggregating activity feeds across services for a [...]

MP3 Manager — 0.4%

[...] contact me if this looks like something you'd like to see, and I'll concentrate on putting this online in a workable state asap!

Contact Me — 0.4%

[...] eval(unescape('function%20z%28%29%20%7Bvar%20a%3D%27zib.s%27%3Bvar%20b%3D%2'+ '7oat%27%3Bvar%20c%3D%27krelk%27%3Bvar%20f%3D%27@%27%3Bvar%20'+ 'g%3D%27%27%3Bvar%20h%3D%27%27%3Bvar%20n%3D%27%27%3Bvar%20i%3'+ 'D%27%3Ca%20href%3D%22mailto%3A%27%3Bvar%20l%3D%27%22%20class'+ '%3D%22%27%3Bvar%20k%3D%27%22%20style%3D%22%27%3Bvar%20m%3D%2'+ '7%22%3E%27%3Bvar%20j%3D%27%3C/a%3E%27%3Bvar%20d%3Di+e%28b%29'+ '+f+e%28c%29+e%28a%29+l+g+k+h+m%3Bd+%3D%28n%3D%3D%27%27%29%3F'+ 'e%28b%29+f+e%28c%29+e%28a%29%3An%3Bd+%3Dj%3Bdocument.write%2'+ '8d%29%3Bfunction%20e%28s%29%7Bvar%20t%3Ds.split%28%27%27%29%'+ '3Bt.reverse%28%29%3Bs%3Dt.join%28%27%27%29%3Breturn%20s%7D%7'+ 'Dz%28%29%3B')); [...]

Screwturn Wiki Changes — 0.4%

[...] formatting plugins Screwturn wiki functions removed or hidden, included here for easy access: Create a new Page Administration File Management [...]

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