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Modified on 2007-06-10 19:06 by taok Categorized as Architecture
OK, so why "Architect Shack"?
  • It's a pun, see, because a shack generally lacks architecture...
  • I'm interested in the concept / ideals of software architecture, and I even had the term architect in my job title for a few years!
  • It's deliberately ambiguous with "Architect's Hack" - my grand master plan is to invent a hack called the Architect's Hack, which will be so cool that this domain will suddenly become priceless and I will be able to retire from the proceeds of selling it. We all want to be "hackers" at heart, right? (this is all my wife's fault, btw)

So with that sorted out, here is some stuff specifically about the role of an "Architect" in software development today:

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