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Screwturn Wiki Changes

Modified on 2007-06-10 18:54 by taok Categorized as Uncategorized
Log of the changes I made to the default Screwturn Wiki installation, to get it working properly as my personal site.

  • Installed Desktop edition, I do NOT want my development IIS instance public on the internet.
  • Change admin password to something silly and incomprehensible
  • Change the CSS screen layout to widen the sidebar, will probably make many more changes as I decide ona final "Look" for the site
  • Created myself an admin account for usual use
  • Changed the Sidebar content to remove wiki-centric options, leaving search, list, random page + categories
  • Changed the footer to remove the screwturn and icon note, and add my copyright notice and Google Analytics tracking code.
  • Changed the "Config" to match my needs:
    • Disallow users from registering
    • Make discussions public
    • Allow script tags (only I will be editing)
    • Set high logging
  • Change CSS screen layout to hide useless screen parts:
    • Page history
    • Page RSS Feed
    • Page source

not yet done:
  • Implement "CAPTCHA" validation on public discussions and added public messaging with CAPTCHA - see ScrewturnWikiCaptcha
  • Add code syntax highlighting and/or XML formatting plugins

Screwturn wiki functions removed or hidden, included here for easy access:

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