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MP3 Manager

Modified on 2007-06-10 15:54 by taok Categorized as C#, dotNet 2, Music
This is an application I'm creating to serve three needs that I can't seem to meet with any other applications I've found out there:

  1. Synchronizing (whole or partial) MP3 collections between desktops and multiple portable players and hard drives, with songs added at either end, ignored file handling, handling of non-MP3 (non-media) files also, etc.
  2. Applying arbitrary ratings to MP3 files, allowing you to categorize and organize them by whatever you want - not limited to genres, tempo, mood, or any of the "usual" classifications - also not limited to On/Off - you decide how to rate the files, and what the ratings mean.
  3. Creating playlists, by file or by album, based on any of the arbitrary ratings you have specified.

Points one and two are more or less done, point three is the next major item of work. As soon as I have something worth playing with I'll put it online, but recently I've been overloaded at work and with setting up this site. Like with all the other projects, please contact me if this looks like something you'd like to see, and I'll concentrate on putting this online in a workable state asap!

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